EverWing Blackhole: Signs You’re an Addict


I spend about three hours a day on EverWing, that is if I’m actually busy enough to not spend the entire morning and late evening playing it with my fellow addicts on Facebook. In case you’ve been living under a rock, EverWing is the latest craze on Facebook Messenger’s Games feature that rolled out just last May.

I first heard about EverWing while I was having dinner with my college friends about three weeks ago. A few days after it was brought up again, this time during one of the magazine’s editorial meetings, insisting I try it and because of a serious case of FOMO, I obliged and joined the Facebook group with my coworkers. I haven’t looked back since.

Say what you want but to me, EverWing is the total nongamer’s game. It’s the perfect procrastination activity. It’s the total time and battery waster. It’s cute, it’s mindless, and most of all, it’s an in-app on Facebook, which kind of loses a few cool points in the gaming community, because potentially you might end up getting beaten by your distant aunt in the boss raid game.

I admit I might be growing an addiction (proven by the fact that I’m writing about it), but there are far worse cases than me. Based on my Facebook observations of friends and the like, here are some clear signs that you’re a full-blown EverWing addict:

  1. You can’t go a day without besting an EverWing group. The #1 position is a must!
  2. You can’t play the game without the sound/music: ON. Because TOTAL EXPERIENCE, duh.
  3. You’re willing to challenge a complete stranger, who just happens to be a Facebook contact for no reason. I was recently challenged/invited on Facebook Messenger by this guy, whom I don’t remember meeting or ever interacting online with. I have yet to hit ‘Play Game’ but we’ll see.
  4. You have joined at least 10 EverWing groups and have participated in all of them regularly.
  5. You know about the hacks or cheats and either completely oppose it or use it. You’re not an addict if you have no clue how it actually works.
  6. You’re trying to convince even your un-techie parents to play with you
  7. You get into the conversation (and passionately, I might add) when someone brings it up
  8. You use the lines “It’s feeding time, boys,” “Let’s show ‘em what we got!” and “It’s us versus them!” at random
  9. We scream or curse at our phones on a regular basis and people think you’re going crazy
  10. Anyone who confesses to playing EverWing all the time is officially your friend.


So are you an EverWing addict? The first step is admitting you have a problem. Confess below!



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