Where on Wednesday?


I love Wednesdays, not (entirely) because its nickname is “hump day” (*wink wink*), but because I take advantage of its position in the week accordingly. It’s technically Day #3, which assumes I’ve covered some serious ground with work by then, therefore, I’m entitled to a little misbehaving. I’m using the term “misbehaving” quite loosely, as it can either mean a night-of-eating-in-bed-in-front-of-the-TV-alone, or a night-eating-out-with-actual-clothes-on-with-friend/s. It’s like my own version of cheat day, only Will & Grace are my chocolates and a normal dinner date is my idea of an eventful evening.

As a reluctant mostly Type A person (with parts of B appearing on weekends), whose happiness is tied to her career and personal achievements, observing these moments with mundanity has been the immediate cure for going insane. That’s why every Wednesday I open my schedule up a bit more to something silly, and I think we should all do the same (regardless of the day really). Simple or challenging, the important thing is it’s silly.

We should all be like the middling Wednesday. They are my new Fridays, without the traffic. So where to?


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